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The Client:

Wolf & Shepherd was founded four years ago with the goal of creating men’s dress shoes that are as comfortable to wear as athletic shoes. The company is growing rapidly and ships out hundreds of packages a day.

The Problem:

At the start, Wolf & Shepherd were able to address customers’ package tracking concerns through their customer service. They found that about 20-30% of their customer service tickets were customers asking where their package was. As the company began to experience rapid growth, this 20-30% became unsustainable for their customer service team. Most of the other tickets the customer service desk answers are for site visitors who have yet to purchase, which means the speed of their answers directly impacts sales. In order to fuel their growth, Wolf & Shepherd had to automate package tracking.

Secondarily, the folks at Wolf & Shepherd put great care into providing their customers with a top-notch customer experience. They knew as the company expanded that requiring customers to check in with customer service for package tracking info was not a seamless experience that lived up to the impeccable pre-purchase experience Wolf & Shepherd had created.

The Goal:

  • Reduce their number of customer service tickets for “Where’s my package?” thereby freeing up their customer service team to impact new sales.
  • Create a seamless post-purchase customer experience matching the pre-purchase experience.
  • Fit their start-up budget.

The Solution:

Having ascertained that it was time to find a package tracking solution, Wolf & Shepherd turned to the Shopify App Store. After evaluating a few solutions, they chose to deploy Tracktor because Tracktor provides the most ability to customize the tracking page, allowing Wolf & Shepherd to ensure that the package tracking page blended seamlessly into the rest of their site.

They decided to take advantage of our included expert install service. Our team worked with Wolf & Shepherd to customize their tracking page to their exact specifications. We further installed their new tracking link both in the footer of their site and in their order follow-up emails. With that, Wolf & Shepherd was up-and-running with self-service package tracking.   

The Results:

Within a few weeks, Wolf & Shepherd saw a dramatic decline in tickets asking where their packages were. In fact, amongst people aged 50 and under, there are essentially no tickets for this request. (Wolf & Shepherd has found that their 50+ customers still sometimes prefer to call in and do things the old fashioned way.)


Wolf & Shepherd also feels their post-purchase customer experience is far more seamless. Customers come right back to the website they’ve put their trust in and follow their package’s progress right on the highly customized page.

“Tracktor enables us to provide our customers post-purchase with the high level of service and seamless experience they’ve come to expect from us.” – Hope Schneid


Tracktor has freed up Wolf & Shepherd’s customer service team from dealing with tickets asking where a package is, so now they can provide faster answers to their other tickets – the majority of which have yet to make a purchase. Tracktor has also significantly upped Wolf & Shepherd’s post-purchase experience.

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