There are over 2,000 blogs built on our Blog Studio app for Shopify. This past spring, we decided to read through the blogs our merchants are creating, and we were really impressed with them. Blog topics ranged across the board and the more we read, the more we learned.

And after reading through all of our merchants’ blogs, we decided we wanted to share three excellent blogs with our own readers.

While it wasn’t easy to narrow 2,000+ blogs down to three, we were able to pick these three by judging with some criteria for what makes a great retail blog:

  • Helpful, well-written content. A great blog must do more than announce new products. It should provide your customers with value on its own. Each of the blogs we chose writes articles that are meant purely to provide insight or inspiration in the aspect of life that their brand fills.
  • Well thought-out design. While Blog Studio makes designing your dream blog easy, it still requires an understanding of how to put together a design that makes the blog easy to digest. (IE No yellow text on a purple background.)
  • Regularly updated content. A regularly updated blog is a healthy blog, even if the regular update comes once a month. And given that our merchants are very busy, we were doubly impressed with those who managed to keep on top of their blog.

And now I’d like to introduce you to the three blogs we think are doing an excellent job on all fronts.

Hog Furniture

Based in Nigeria, Hog Furniture is a furniture and interior design blog that any amateur interior designer should be following. It’s updated on a near daily basis with articles chock full of inspiration from “5 Furniture Items Your Beach House Should Have” to “Simple Ways to Make Your Home Extra Christmassy.”

Regal Gentleman

Regal Gentleman is a men’s fashion blog focused mainly on men’s hairstyles. Topics range from “How to Get Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Hair & Beard Styles” to “Best Ways to Look After Your Mental Health in 2019.” Each post is filled with actionable information that their ideal client would find useful without purchasing any of Regal Gentleman’s hair products. And in doing so, the blog creates a fabulous platform for Regal Gentleman to suggest their products on.

Sit Stay’s Good Dog Blog

Sit Stay’s Good Dog Blog is a dog owner’s best friend (take it from me). The topics range from “Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?” to “Service Dog Supplies That Every Working Dog Needs.” It’s a truly exhaustive, well-developed blog that can answer literally any question you might have about your dog. (Or even someone else’s dog. Ever wonder what happens to retired police dogs? The Good Dog Blog has an answer.)


These were our three favorites from this year, but we read more than a few great blogs from our merchants. We encourage you all to keep up the great work and be sure to share your work with us. Tweet us at @ShopPad!

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