6 Custom Packaging Ideas for Shopify Stores on a Budget

There are a number of reasons to use custom packaging for the parcels you ship. Custom packaging both inside and outside of the parcel are important in creating the personal connection that can be so lacking in our fast-paced, online world.

Of course, not every brand can afford to completely outfit each of their parcels in custom packaging. Even very large brands may find they don’t have the budget to go all out. So we put together a list of six cost-effective custom packaging ideas for any budget to help take your brand to the next level. Use them together or apart.
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4 Small Tweaks to Make a Major Improvement in Your Post-Purchase Experience

On average, a loyal customer is worth 10 times the amount of their first purchase. Customer retention is key to the long term success of a retailer, which means your last impression during the sales cycle is just as important as your first.
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