For those of us who still haven’t finished (or let’s be honest, started) our holiday shopping, these great gifts can be ordered with a tap from any mobile device. Avoid the craziness of the malls while also supporting small retailers and get your gifts now. Happy Holiday’s from ShopPad!

In and Around the Home


Oliver Jeffers Shop

World Map with Pins

Oliver Jeffers is a storyteller who can’t help but make pictures. Oliver channels his Northern Ireland roots of storytelling to create beautiful works of art, writing and illustrating his own children’s books. Oliver has also hand drawn a series of maps, perfect for charting travel adventures past and future. The original map was drawn with pencil on paper and has been reproduced on beautiful double weight paper with self-healing natural cork backing. Each print is signed and embossed with an exclusive seal.


Spicely Organics

Gift Box: Favorite Seasoning Blend

Give the cook in your life something fun to work with this holiday season. With Spicely Organics’ twelve seasonings, whether they are preparing for a dinner party or throwing together something for the kids, this set will surely add a kick to the kitchen fun.  The gift box includes taco, curry, Mexican, Cajun, Tandoori, Italian, all-purpose seasonings and many others. All of Spicely Organics’ products are Fair Trade certified, so you can rest assured that the farmers and producers involved were paid a living wage and treated fairly. 


International Cheese

Cheese Tasting Box

A tasteful gift for the cheese lover in your life, this tasting box from International Cheese, contains a selection of 10 unique cheeses. When the International Cheese Centre first opened its doors to the public in 1987, Ray Kenny had no idea that 25 years later his company would be one of the few remaining family run businesses in London. Born on a farm in west Ireland, Ray set out to create a business that provided high quality cheeses to those in his community, and that same goal continues to be lived out today.


Funkle Shop

Gullfuglen Jacquard Blanket – Multicoloured

Funkle is an award-winning Norwegian textile company that designs and manufactures beautiful, graphic, colorful products for your home. Following their motto, “Storytelling through textiles” each product reveals a story in a playful way. The Gullfuglen collection tells the tale of an important time in Norwegian industrial history, when Hydro began producing artificial fertilizer, and the factory worker became the industry’s “Golden Bird”.  This blanket will surely be a treasure to keep for a lifetime. 


FoodLife Vermont

Brunch Gift Package

Pour the coffee, tuck into some pancakes and enjoy breakfast in bed. This gift box has everything you need for a lazy Sunday morning brunch. Produced with love in Vermont, it comes with pancake mix, jam, maple syrup and coffee to top it off.



iPad Dock

Perfect for your nightstand or desk, a safe place to keep your iPad, this dock might become your favorite new companion. The design driven, handmade solid wood stand is cut from a single piece of maple. With outlets carved out for your charger, it reduces the mess of multiple cables.  Available in Maple (light wood) or Walnut (dark wood), it’s a classy addition to any home.

For The Men In Your Life



Stout Bottle Opener

With sleek lines like an old surfboard, the DropCatch Stout Bottle Opener effortlessly uncaps beer and soda bottles, utilizing 60 pounds of pull force to draw up to 52 bottle caps to its stylish walnut surface. Flanked by two handsome vertical maple inlays, the DropCatch Stout Bottle Opener features a genuine walnut base and a linseed oil finish. Each bottle opener is individually handcrafted in the U.S.A.


Triumph and Disaster

Old Fashioned Shave Cream

As we approach the holiday season and the New Year’s kiss, there is no better way to prepare than to lather up with a good shave. This Old-Fashioned Shave Cream reminds us that shaving is a skill passed down from generation to generation and as such, a thing of true value, like a good piece of advice. It’s part ritual, part preparation, all man time. Unique aromas of old school medicinal notes, bright, fresh citrus tones and a hint of Turkish barbershop at the back end, evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia befitting a gentleman’s morning ritual. Triumph and Disaster got its name from the Rudyard Kipling poem ‘IF’, a copy of which the founder Dion Nash received from his father at a tender age. The products made by Nash speak to the company vision of how to be a man with a life well lived.


Cool Material Shop

Hobo Eat Kit

Call it the Swiss Army knife of the dinner table or Voltron of the flatware world. It’s for all those times when that cheap plastic “silverware” fails you (always) or you’re without flatware (camping, picnics, etc) and eating with your fingers isn’t an option. The knife, fork and spoon all fold into one convenient package, but they also separate into component parts in case you need to stab and cut or scoop and skewer simultaneously. Even if you’re dressed like a hobo you gotta eat, right?


Cool Material Shop

Stainless Stemless Wine Glass

There’s little better than enjoying a drink in the great outdoors. With this stainless stemless wine glass, you can make sure that pinot noir stays in your glass regardless of the terrain on which you place it. These surprisingly stable glasses are perfect for when you’re camping or even just to use around the house as a fairly masculine way to enjoy a bottle of red or white. The low center of gravity and kick-stand ring keep them from tipping over when you place them down. Perfect for uneven ground or just your tipsy hands.

For the Ladies In Your Life


Lucente Studio

Long Graphic Elegance Necklace

Founded by two friends, Renee Berenson and Laurel Skillman, who have a passion for travel and supporting the work of emerging artists, their studio showcases select pieces that you are sure to love. Each collection by Lucente Studio gives design lovers a clear alternative to the mass-produced, mass-marketed products commonly offered by retailers around the web and the world. Their artists are invested in craftsmanship, quality and design, reinforced through their limited-edition and low-production pieces. This geometric necklace, designed by Victoria Coleman Jewelry, is an eye-catching piece that will accompany everything from your favorite white tee to your LBD. Made of sterling silver and 24 ct. gold plating. 


Fine Accessories

Crystal Necklace With Charms And Teardrops

Looking for a fun gift for a girl in you life? Try this neon, pink and teal crystal necklace accentuated with charms, teardrops, and rhinestones.  This necklace that can be worn with many colors and prints and is a perfect accessory to dress up a t-shirt. The neon pink beads really make this necklace pop and will definitely do the same to any outfit.


Angelo di Spirito Rosa

Pyrite and Citrine Drops Beaded Back Necklace

Angelo di Spirito Rosa is a fashion jewelry brand, with fabulous jewelry made from precious and semi-precious gems. Their unique concept packaging, detailed craftsmanship, and elegant designs make this beaded back necklace with pyrite faceted beads and citrine faceted drops a stunner. This piece is yellow gold plated and a 925 silver chain.


Lola Roc

Mixed Pattern Scarf

We just think you’ll like this one 🙂





CA Limited

Gunmetal Women’s Sweater

Home is where the heart is and for those of us living in or dreaming of California, this sweatshirt shows one’s true love. This crewneck sweatshirt, available in junior sizes only, is perfect for school and weekend lounging. Pair it with CA Limited’s Cali Love necklace set ($60) for the perfect gift for the sun-loving teen in your life.

For The Little Ones


Three Mice

Christmas Mice: Little Brother or Little Sister

What little tot wouldn’t love finding a cuddly friend in their stocking? This adorable mouse stands 5 inches tall, with details that bring the mice to life. Their clothes are removable, allowing for outfit changes throughout the year. Little Brother wears adorable suspenders and shorts with a tiny hole for his tail and Little Sister wears a skirt and matching cap. These soft friends are sure to bring joy on Christmas morning. Select either Little Brother or Little Sister. Order a matchbox, lined with bedding for your new friend, for $10.

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