In an increasingly connected market, your eCommerce store delivers product to customers from around the world. You need to be able to identify the best shipping solution for each and every customer.

Let’s take a look at common problems most smaller eCommerce stores encounter when managing their shipments:

Lost time due to shipping inefficiencies

You run a small eCommerce shop and go to the post office every day to ship orders; spending endless hours in the waiting line to get them processed.

Or you have to copy paste all the customer details into the respective carrier website. It is a boring and time-consuming task – and above all, it is error-prone. If you accidentally paste the wrong address, you will have to undergo the painful process of dealing with customer complaints and work with the carriers’ customer services.

All these things take away valuable time and distract from the tasks related to growing your eCommerce store.

Lost money due to expensive shipping rates

Your customers’ shipping requirements are diverse ranging from location to timing. You would love to know which couriers are cheapest and most reliable for each order. However, you go for one or two known couriers since it is impossible to compare couriers for each and every customer. You lose money by trading affordability for convenience.

Moreover, your small store competes with large retailers like Amazon or Zappos who get large volume discounts which lets them pass on lucrative or even free shipping rates to their customers.

If you can show your customers that they can save money when it comes to shipping, you would have the cutting edge advantage over other competitors.

Lost customers due to bad shipping experience

In the end, it is all about making your customer happy. If a birthday gift arrives later than promised (or even worse, never arrives) due to an inaccurate provision of delivery information, customers will very likely give you a negative rating. Dissatisfaction due to sloppy and expensive shipments can prevent more customers to visit your store resulting in lost sales.

Featured Solution: Shippo – Easy and affordable shipping for your store

To be able to offer shoppers cheap or even free shipping, you need to identify the most affordable courier for the respective shipment. You also want an easy to use solution that integrates all your accounts to save time handling shipments.

Shippo simplifies shipping by allowing instant shipping rate comparisons and shipping label printing. And they are able to offer better shipping costs than the ones available on the market because of special contracts they have with delivery providers.

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