Here at ShopPad, we take great pride in our customer success team. They’re on the ground helping merchants succeed every day. We’ve been introducing you to the team one by one so you can get to know who’s helping you. We’ve already talked to Alan, Anh, and Matt. Today, we’re going to be talking to customer success expert, Mandy. Mandy also runs Mandy’s Corner in our monthly blog newsletter, where she addresses common questions about Shopify and our apps.

Let’s Chat!

Cara: “Alright, Mandy, wanna start us off with a fun fact about yourself?”

Mandy: “Well, my real name is Amanda. Just kidding, just kidding. A real fun fact is that I’ve been to Hong Kong four times.” 

Cara: “Woah! That is quite a few times. How long have you been in customer success now?”

Mandy: “This is my first real customer success job, so one year.”

Cara: “Happy anniversary! What brought you here?”

Mandy: “Well, I used Shopify a lot at my job in college, so when I graduated I really wanted to keep working with it in some capacity. I was so excited to see a job opening here at a company that works in the Shopify universe.”

Cara: “Now that you’ve been doing this for a year, why don’t you share with me what you think a good customer success representative has to possess?”

Mandy: “It’s empathy for sure. But it’s more than that. You have to understand that the modern customer really expects their interactions with a customer service or success team to be full of friction and to not solve their problems. That’s a huge opportunity for us as a team to really blow their minds with our service. So understanding that baseline can help push you to provide that better experience.

Cara: “That’s an interesting point. So what’s the best customer service you’ve ever received?”

Mandy: “So 7 years ago, I was really into this company called Zox. They made really artistic wristbands. I loved them. I also was a part of this Facebook group they ran and really got to see into the company. It was run by three brothers who were truly customer obsessed. They would deal with customer service issues right in the group sometimes and you could just see how they would go the extra mile to make sure that their customers weren’t just satisfied, they were thrilled. I personally never had to send in an issue, but just watching their service unfold in this group was insanely inspiring. I aspire to be like them every day in my interactions with customers.”

Cara: “Wow that’s definitely inspirational. What do you think makes the ShopPad success team special?”

Mandy: “We’re all together striving to achieve this common goal of highly positive experiences. A team that has that kind of single-minded focus can do great things.

Cara: “How would you measure the success of your work?”

Mandy: “For me it’s quality over quantity. It’s better that I answer 5 tickets outstandingly, than 10 in a mediocre way.”

Cara: “That makes sense. Have you had any favorite interactions with our customers you’d like to share?”

Mandy: “I helped Coconutties with Tracktor recently and the owner was so impressed with the service that she sent us a bunch of coconut chips from Columbia. They are SO good. She’s installed a few more of our apps, too, because she trusts us.”

Cara: “So we have you to thank for those delicious snacks? Thank you! What are some of the steps you take when you’re finding yourself facing a difficult question?”

Mandy: “First, I make sure that we’re using the best method of communication. We offer support by phone, email, and chat, which is great because everybody communicates in different ways. If I’m emailing with someone who I should really be talking to on the phone, that’s the first thing I need to fix. Then I make sure to understand the issue at hand. That means I have to spend some time really listening to the customer. After that, it’s all about dealing with the problem in a timely manner.”

Cara: “Now Mandy, I have to ask: you run “Mandy’s Corner” in our monthly newsletter, Compass. What inspired you to do that?”

Mandy: “I see a lot of the same questions every week which tells me that even merchants who aren’t writing in probably have these questions. I really want to share what I have learned over the past year at ShopPad with stores who may be struggling but haven’t reached out and the blog newsletter was the perfect opportunity for that.”

Need to talk to Mandy?

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