When it comes to computing, the iPad is a different kind of beast. It represents the antithesis of humdrum spreadsheets and reports. With the iPad, you can kick back in bed, play a few games and relax.

The iPad and mCommerce: A new era starts here

Savvy retailers will know this breeds the perfect environment for online purchasing. People who are relaxed are more likely to buy things. Brick and mortar stores have known that for years, but they can’t compete with curling up under your favorite comforter and a nice Merlot at your side as you browse a tablet-optimized catalog. The numbers speak to this.

95% of all ecommerce transactions happen in the home, and where are tablet shoppers? Primarily, in their living rooms and bed.

Not only that, there’s more of them than ever. Mobile shopping on the iPad has exploded, doubling in one year from April 2011 to March 2012. And yes, it’s Apple’s tablet wonder that is walking away with the prize numbers: The iPad controls 89% of mobile shopping revenue — like a boss.

Mobile shopping studies: Eye-opening iPad stats

According to RichRelevance®, iPad shoppers have the highest Average Order Value (AOV); they purchase higher cost goods; and convert at higher rates than other mobile shoppers.

This is the trifecta marketers have all been looking (and longing) for.

Why does this align so perfectly? Time and place. As we’ve said, it’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s enjoyable.

Around the world, shoppers have decided 8:40 pm is the perfect time to make their purchases. That’s about the right time for most of us to be home, finished with our dinner, and… you guessed it, iPad usage hits its highest peak between 8 and 9pm.

So ask yourself, what are you doing to attract these primo shoppers? And no, merely being able to access your main site on the iPad doesn’t count; you have to replicate that iPad slickness and ease.

The buyers are there. You should be, too.

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