budget for custom packaging

It can be very tasking and financially demanding to get the perfect custom packaging your business needs. Packaging can get costly quickly if you don’t plan out your budget. For instance, you might be tempted to purchase packaging materials in large quantities in order to get a discount or to purchase the fanciest new type of packaging.

So when it comes to custom packaging, in order to avoid spending too much or buying a bunch of packaging that doesn’t work for your brand or products, you have to do some planning.

1. Analyze your packaging needs.

First, you need to understand the factors that contribute to your packaging demands to create an effective and yet cost-friendly budget. 

Aspects to consider:

  • Volume and rate of sales
  • Seasons for particular product demands
  • Size and fragility of products
  • Material specifications

Each of these factors will provide some must-haves that you can look for. For instance, seasonality will influence when the bulk of your annual budget should be spent. On the other hand, fragility of your products will determine the packing materials necessary for safe delivery.

2. Be creative with what you have.

Next, you should look into what resources you already have on hand. Often we already have items that can provide the high end touches you want for your packages.

3. Know your customers’ preferences.

Understanding what your customers are most attracted to can greatly help you budget for the right things and save cost. You will need to study your customers over time and figure out the most likely packaging style that suits their needs. This is where effective customer feedback setup comes in very handy.

4. Go for custom-sized packaging

Oversized packaging takes up unnecessary space and results in increased weight. The cost implication is that you might have to pay more for shipping and delivering extra air.

On the other hand, undersize packaging can cause damage due to excess heat or deformity in shape or size or product.

So it is best advisable to make your packaging a perfect fit for each of your products. Beyond proper product protection and safety, customers will also enjoy packaging that fits correctly. It’s very aesthetically pleasing.

5. Stay updated about product packaging innovations

When you stay informed about what’s latest in product packaging and how it affects your services, it will help you make better decisions. You will need to find out from time to time the latest product packaging trends and how best to fit it into your business if need be.

Additionally, study the changes in market demand and customer preferences as they vary over time. You will be able to know when a packaging idea is worth the hype or can be done away with to cut down cost.


What your customers perceive about your products, services, and delivery are strong determinants in whether they keep purchasing from you or not. And a large percentage of these impressions are informed by your product packaging.

It will be very risky to attempt to customize your packaging without having a proper budget. Whether it’s as simple as a branded Sellotape or a fully designed box, you need to make sure that the packaging meets its primary purpose while still within your budget.

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