Today, we’d like to share the story of some recent work we did with Olive Ave Jewelers


Since 1981, Olive Ave Jewelers has been providing consumers with high-quality jewelry offered at the best price. This family owned and operated business, formerly known as The Diamond Consortium, started as a traditional brick-and-mortar store in Arizona and is now thriving in the eCommerce industry.


Olive Ave decided to transition from Squarespace to Shopify in 2018. After a few months of monitoring sales post-migration, they noticed that their average site conversion rate was lower than they wanted it to be. After careful consideration, Olive Ave decided they needed to do a full site overhaul with a focus on creating a highly trustworthy site. As they deal in luxury items, fostering trust on their site was paramount to raising their conversion rate.


Increase conversions by creating a highly professional and trustworthy website.

The Search

Olive Ave needed to partner with an experienced company who were able to work with their Shopify platform. They scouted many agencies and even began to work with a few developers but were still unable to bring their dreams to reality. Then they turned to us here at ShopPad, because our unmatched knowledge of Shopify’s code enabled us to create the best-in-class trustworthy site experience Olive Ave was looking for.


Olive Ave engaged ShopPad’s creative services group at the end of August with an initial goal of having a new website ready for the 2018 holiday season.

Our custom development team began with a creative review with Olive Ave to understand all of Olive Ave’s materials including brand guidelines, logos, and assets. We discussed their vision for the new website, issues with their existing site, customer demographics, and other pertinent information to help guide us in executing their artistic direction. Once we’d ascertained the direction to take, the project went into development.

After development, we handed off the new site to Olive Ave. During the handoff, we walked Olive Ave through their new online store while cross-referencing their scope of work to ensure we completed everything that was expected of us. Once the walkthrough of the site was completed, we shared the documentation with the client. Documentation was prepared by our developers to give explicit instructions of where to find specifics of their site and how to update products, messaging, etc. After that, the team at Olive Ave was ready to hit the ground running with organizing their catalog.

“We found ShopPad’s process to be highly professional and trustworthy. ShopPad communicated with us at every turn. We always knew when things would be delivered and we felt that ShopPad kept our brand’s needs fully in sight at all times while bringing their eCommerce web design expertise to the mix.” – Taylor Searle


We delivered a fully redesigned site. Within the first month, the numbers were already showing improvement:

  • Sales are up 39%.
  • The number of orders increased 34%.
  • Conversion rate is up 58%.

Here’s a look at the homepage we delivered:

www.oliveavejewelry.com_ (1)

Here’s an example of the type of product page we delivered:


We focused on highlighting their brand story to create a personal connection for shoppers. With that in mind, you’ll notice that the design elements include:

  • Their brand story now appears at the bottom of every page, prominently highlighting that they’re family-owned.
  • The products have been organized into fewer categories so that they present as a part of that brand story.
  • We included a clear CTA on the homepage to direct visitors to the action they should take.
  • We streamlined the product pages to highlight the key information for visitors and remove distractions.


Olive Ave needed a highly trustworthy, streamlined, gorgeous website to drive conversions in their luxury market. We were able to deliver exactly that and raise their conversion rate by 58% within the first month.

“I definitely would recommend ShopPad’s services. ShopPad is an industry leader with Shopify and were able to deliver us a modern, innovative online storefront while staying true to our family-owned brand.” – TJ Searle

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