The customer success team at ShopPad is constantly on the lookout for Shopify merchants who are using our apps in innovative ways. Today, we will be highlighting Blenders Eyewear and their use of our Shopify app, Tracktor.

After observing Blenders’ successful integration of Tracktor, we sat down with one of the co-founders of Blenders Eyewear, Chase Fisher, to learn more about their story and the positive impact Tracktor has had on their retail operation.

The Story

The idea for Blenders Eyewear was born from a five-dollar pair of neon green sunglasses. During an evening out to see a local DJ, Chase noticed the shades he picked up on a whim were garnering a lot of attention. The crowd’s affinity for cheap sunglasses inspired Chase to launch a business selling stylish, affordable eyewear.

In the four years since then, Blenders has sales in more than 20 countries around the world. This expansion required more sophisticated tracking management and order shipping services, each of which brought its own set of problems.

The Issue

“Where’s my package?” It’s the number one thing you get asked every single day.

How can I track my order? When is it going to arrive? “It’s crucial that you put solutions in place. That’s where Tracktor comes in. It eliminated a ton of headaches in the backend.”

The primary question customers were asking the Blenders team concerned the status of their orders. The persistent need to direct customers to the shipping carrier’s website in order for them to obtain tracking information became a time-consuming hassle for the team. Chase reached out to his Shopify account manager to inquire about a solution.

As Chase and his team discovered, Tracktor allows customers to track the status of their orders directly from the retailer’s Shopify store. It can be synced with over a hundred of the most prominent carrier services from around the world, offering customers a simple one-stop solution. Tracktor seamlessly integrates this professional functionality; elevating the store’s brand and boosting customer satisfaction.

Why Tracktor?

“The biggest reason why Tracktor was important was because it directed them back to our site.”


With Tracktor, Blenders’ customer service team could stop redirecting customers to external tracking sites, and instead encouraged them to go back to to check the status of their orders. This key feature both retained returning customers and increased conversion rates for new ones.

“It literally showed our customers where their package was, each time it was scanned, each step of the process.”

One of the things customers really wanted to see was up-to-date information on the location of their package. With Tracktor, they receive accurate, precise information every step of the way, greatly reducing the load on the support team while improving the customer experience.

“It’s the apps’ support team that are super engaging, and reaching out to see if we need any help installing or have any questions – if it’s up to the standards of what we’re looking for. To me, that’s huge. That’s how we determine who we’re going to work with.”

Though there are several tracking apps available to Shopify retailers, a single aspect of Tracktor won Chase over: the quick and eager customer success team. Not only did they quickly set up the app, the ShopPad team happily assisted in customizing Tracktor specifically for Blenders. Chase reached out to our team to see if we would be able to make the Tracktor form page match the Blenders “California aesthetic”. The team delivered, with a design that perfectly reflects the Blenders vibe.

The Results


The app is peanuts compared to the value it provides. You guys are doing a fantastic job. The customer support is spot-on. There’s a reason you guys are recommended by Shopify for this exact purpose. It’s making my life easier. The fact that we can customize it, and that you guys are open to thinking outside the box – it’s been good!”

The ability to justify the cost of a service is an important factor when determining whether or not to continue using it. When I asked how Chase measured the success and efficiency of Tracktor, he emphasized that with the service provided by Tracktor, and the reliability of ShopPad’s customer success team, the app pays for itself many times over every month.

Near the end of our chat, Chase discussed how Tracktor was helping Blenders to maintain a strong presence in the competitive eCommerce market.

“Tracking is the most important thing to have. It’s the one thing that I think a new customer is stoked about. I didn’t even know that we could possibly have customers track their order through our website – I thought only the biggest retailers could do that.

Lastly, based on his experience with the app, Chase offered some words of advice to any other store considering tracking capabilities like Tracktor:

“For us, Tracktor makes customers’ lives easier, it makes our jobs easier, and it keeps everything fine-tuned.”

With Tracktor, Chase not only found the solution needed to keep his customers happy and support team sane, but also a partner that they could depend on to meet the needs of their scaling business.

See how Tracktor will benefit your Shopify store:

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