social media video strategy

7 Steps To A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

A successful video marketing campaign depends on the video’s quality, the target persona, the message you want to convey, and your distribution strategy. The use of video in marketing has
SaaS lifesaver with monitor

Post-pandemic: SaaS to the rescue

The past year has brought about a great deal of change in the ecommerce industry. With demand being higher than ever during the pandemic, businesses have become heavily reliant on SaaS (Software
Optimize product page

How to Optimize Every Element of Your Product Pages

The conversation around eCommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) often focuses on the checkout page.  But to maximize completed purchases, your optimization efforts should begin before the customer gets to the
Customer Retention

Founding Principles: There’s No Business Like Repeat Business

A loyal customer offers stability, consistency, and predictability for your bottom line. Any business with repeat customers understands that. 
Founding Principles

Founding Principles: My Favorite Shopify Resources & Communities

One of the best things about Shopify is that you’re not the only one using it. When you have a question, there’s probably already an answer somewhere out there. Given
5 Shopify Hacks

5 Hacks to Boost Your Shopify Store Profits

When it comes to your Shopify store’s profits, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. Especially when there are tried-and-tested ways to increase your profits, without even having