Did you know that the number one support request for online sellers is “where is my order”? Ask any store owner and they will tell you that they have heard that question a million and one times.

Imagine this…

You’ve created a successful online store, orders are coming in left and right, you have your fulfillment process down to a science and are cranking out orders super efficiently — order picked, order packed, order shipped…that’s it right? Unfortunately, no. Fulfillment doesn’t end once you have shipped because ALL customers have a genuine interest in when they should expect the items they have purchased.

What if customers were able to go to your store, enter their order number and BOOM…have the answer to their question without you lifting a finger? With Tracktor, they can!

Tracktor is so great. It fits all my needs and also my customer’s. 75% of my wasted time was because of customers asking for order updates. Thanks to Tracktor, I’ll gain time and money.” – Foot Mania (Online Store)

ShopPad released the Tracktor App to provide an automatic answer to the popular question — “where is my order?” So what exactly does Tracktor do? Without boring you with all the technical gobbledygook, let’s take a peak. Tracktor supports over 500 carriers globally which expands Shopify’s tracking native capabilities. It also provides on demand real-time carrier updates around the clock, so no worries if you are sleeping and someone across the world needs to track their package! Merchants are also able to customize status updates and notifications to fit their unique needs.

Tracktor is a fully brandable integration which means the tracking takes place on your site and will adhere to your current theme. I cannot stress the value that lies within having customers on your site longer, the more time they spend there, the more likely they are to remember your brand and buy. Not only will Tracktor promote brand consistency, it will also instill trust in the eyes of your valued revenue generators. Trust is earned through healthy give and take (win/win) relationships. It may sound small, but the ability for customers to confirm that their orders have been processed and be provided with status updates happens to provide enough transparency  to enhance the merchant-customer experience and will keep the customer coming back for more. Blenders Eyewear recently did a case study with ShopPad discussing how Tracktor helped them, check it out here!

“Great customer service! App works great and shows trust for my customers. Thank you!” – Supreme Blvd. (Online Store)

The cherry on top for the Tracktor app is the Customer Support offered by the ShopPad team. Tracktor easily integrates with desktop, mobile and tablet devices so there is no need to be a wizard coder to utilize this App. ShopPad specializes in Shopify and Shopify Plus optimizing the best merchant sites Shopify has to offer! You can check out ShopPad here, and don’t be afraid to ask them how they can help!

Want to give the Tracktor app a try? Download it here!

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