Adding Options to Shopify Point of Sale with Infinite Options

Shopify point of sale with Infinite Options

Savvy multi-channel merchants know the importance of having a point of sale system with the same power and flexibility as their online store. More than ever before, these merchants are turning to Shopify to unify their in-store and online sales. And when they do, the results speak for themselves, with retailers seeing a 30% growth in year over year revenue.

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The Ultimate Guide to Add Gift Wrapping on Your Shopify Store

202 BFCM Gift Wrapping

Over the next few weeks, many retailers will begin offering to gift-wrap their shopper’s purchases. Customers have long found this service saves them time and perhaps delivers a better wrapping job than they would have done. It’s such a well-liked service that malls have historically offered free gift-wrapping as a way to drive foot traffic. And like their brick & mortar counterparts, online stores will also start to offer their own gift-wrapping services, since it provides undeniable financial benefits and can offer a distinct competitive advantage.

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7 Common Copywriting Mistakes in eCommerce

When you run a business, communication is critical. When shoppers are deciding whether or not to spend their money with your store, it’s often how you’re communicating, or not that becomes the deciding factor. Poorly written copy is arguably even worse than not saying anything at all.

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