For centuries, purveyors of goods have been seeking artisans to create a “monogram” for their purchases as a manner to establish their name, or as a signature or branding of work.

"Monograms & Ciphers" by Albert Angus Turbayne

Monogramming, to this day, remains a prominent service that vendors have been offering to provide their customers with a more personalized product, whether it be an article of clothing or an accessory. Now, with the emergence of eCommerce businesses, providing the option to monogram one’s products through online retailers has become a highly sought after function for store owners.

On the Shopify platform, there is no out-of-the-box manner of recording information from your customers for monogramming within your product settings. However there are several work-arounds – we would be happy to walk you through a quick method to enable this component on your store.

Recommended Monogram Method

Infinite Options is a third-party app we’ve created that provides a simple solution to add a text box for monogramming options. It is $6.99/month and has an easy installation, so it is certainly a recommended app for this situation.

Setup is just a matter of specifying the Input Type as Text:


The app creates the field on product pages that match the defined Rules:


As you can see, there is now a text-box option available on the product that will enable your customers to enter their name or initials. These options will then be attached to the order for the store owner to see and work on the product with.

Pasted image at 2016_03_07 02_50 PM

Install Infinite Options 

Other Monogramming Solutions

There are several other paid apps for enabling customizations of your products. Bold’s Product Options app is highly reviewed and comes packed with additional features.

Additionally, if you’re comfortable modifying HTML code, this Shopify Doc outlines a method to create customization fields for your products from within your store’s backend.

With all of the presented options at your fingertips, you should be able to enable that monogramming service for your Shopify store in no time!

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